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Autism Treatment Center
Wall of Hope
Name Remaining Available Until Price Qty
4" x 4"  $400.00
4" x 5"  $500.00
5" x 5"  $625.00
4" x 8"  $800.00
4" x 10"  $1,000.00
8" x 5"  $1,000.00
4" x 12"  $1,200.00
6" x 10"  $1,500.00
8" x 8"  $1,600.00
8" x 12"  $2,400.00
10" x 10"  $2,500.00
10" x 18"  $4,500.00
18" x 22"  $10,000.00
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If you would like to raise funds for your Wall of Hope stone, 
we can help you set up a personalized online fundraising page. 
To get started, contact Cynthia Hamilton at
210-538-0905 or

The Autism Treatment Center is building a virtual Wall of Hope to raise funds for our Building
Futures Capital Campaign. Proceeds from this project support ATC’s new Learning and
Opportunity Center, a 20,000 sq. ft. facility that will increase access to specialized education,
vocational programs, after-school care, life skills training, and social skills groups for children
and adults with autism in the San Antonio area.

The Wall of Hope is made of virtual stones personalized with the name of the donor(s), a
company logo, or in honor or memory of a loved one. Stones can link to a company website or
to a custom web page about the donor or a person they wish to recognize. The Wall of Hope
web page will be a dedicated link on the Autism Treatment Center website and can be viewed

A printed version of the Wall of Hope will be displayed on a 17 ft. at banner at the and ribbon
cutting ceremonies for the Learning and Opportunity Center scheduled to open in January
2019. Once complete, the Learning and Opportunity Center will be the home for the final
printed version of the Wall of Hope banner.


  Stone Size    Sponsorship Amount
     4” x 4”          $ 400.00
     4” x 5”          $ 500.00
     5” x 5”          $ 625.00
     4” x 8”          $ 800.00
     4” x 10”        $ 1,000.00
     8” x 5”          $ 1,000.00
     4” x 12”        $ 1,200.00
     6” x 10”        $ 1,500.00
     8” x 8”          $ 1,600.00
     8” x 12”        $ 2,400.00
     10” x 10”      $ 2,500.00
     10” x 18”      $ 4,500.00
     18” x 22”      $10,000.00


If you do not wish to submit your details at this time, we will contact you within two weeks to confirm the name or logo you would like on your stone.  

Wall of Hope virtual stones are available through November 30, 2018. The final version of the
printed Wall of Hope Banner will be unveiled at our Grand Opening in December 2018.
To sponsor a Wall of Hope stone or set up a personal fundraising page, contact Cynthia Hamilton at

(210) 538-0905 or
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